Apple vs Android – Flip a Coin

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In the ever heated mobile battle between the iPhone (S6) and Android (Galaxy S6) based phones Apples’ latest commercial goes back to the essentials – Flip a Coin. The latest viral commercial starring Jamie Foxx goes back to the basics showing off Siri’s hands free ability to “Flip a Coin”. While genius and useful, Android users on the Samsung Galaxy S6 have the ability to do the exact same thing “Ok Google, Flip a Coin”. In an age where plastic credit cards and mobile checkouts are highly increasing, we often find ourselves without the most elementary forms of deciding our fate and thus must turn to our phone of choice to flip a coin for us.

As for which phone choose for an upgrade. I think they both offer great capabilities and if you are just undecided, I suggest that you flip a coin and let fate decide. If you find yourself without a coin as many of us do today, you’ll know where to go for a virtual one.

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