Wicked Winds Fueled Jack-o-lanterns Rampage Through Peoria, Arizona

Standing at a staggering 25 feet tall, and weighing a whooping 350 pounds, and inflatable jack-o-lantern crashes through the unsuspecting town of Peoria, Arizona.

Imagine sitting in your car at a busy intersection, and a giant jack-o-lantern emerges from some nearby trees. You are patiently waiting for the light to turn and your chance to roll through the intersection, only to find the Giant Pumpkin has beat you to it! The rogue pumpkin sent pedestrians running for cover as it bounced its way through an intersection and getting caught on a street light. Winds gusted once again and the pumpkin was unhitched and bounced over a nearby wall only to find itself in a business parking lot. The Giant Pumpkin carelessly careened about its wind driving journey until eventually lodging itself in a neighborhood park.

The pumpkin originated from the Peoria Sports Complex, which was promoting the Peoria Monster Bash. The winds created a monster of its own as the pumpkin damaged street lights and terrorized unsuspecting citizens caught in its path. Bystanders managed to capture some armature footage of the rogue pumpkin on its afternoon stroll. You can hear the force of the wind in the video.

The pumpkin was eventually captured and deflated!
run away jack-o-lantern deflated

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