Adele’s Latest Single’s Lyrics Used In Text Message With Ex, Post On Twitter Goes Viral!

adele hello lyrics
Have you heard Adele’s latest single “Hello”? Shortly after the song’s release, Channel 999 was playing it at the top of every hour! Adele’s latest video, found on Vevo, has been played over 200 million times since being released on the 22nd of October!

The lyrics to the song can resonate with many that have had a relationship that went sour. Who hasn’t had a broken heart? Who hasn’t felt that deep sense of loss? You hear the song and can think of a past relationship that this song could apply to. A young woman from Auburn University uses the relatable lyrics to her advantage when texting her unsuspecting ex-boyfriend. (Twitter)

adele hello lyrics
Mary Caldarella text only the lyrics of the song to an ex-boyfriend. What happens throughout the October 28th text message is captured and later posted on Twitter.

As you can clearly see there is a bit of confusion from Matt’s end, and Mary Caldarella stays true to the song during the entire conversation. She doesn’t budge to clue Matt in on what is transpiring, she continues with only song lyrics! Caldarella posted their conversation on Twitter, captioned “When the ex falls for Adele lyrics”.

Apparently young Matt had never heard “Hello” or didn’t put two and two together, after all there wasn’t any music to accompany the words he was reading in his text message. Sorry Matt, we’ve all been the butt of a joke a time or two (just not one that has gone viral)! Some fellow tweeters thought her post was a form cruel ex revenge, but seriously who hasn’t thought about doing that, if only once?!

Since posting her screenshots to Twitter, Mary and her post have been seen on Cosmo, and Buzzfeed.

Did “Hello” strike a chord or two with you and your past relationships?

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