Baby’s First Photo Shoot is ‘Magical’ Thanks to Photobombing Deer!

Baby Connor’s photo shoot is taking the internet by storm, thanks to a curious and friendly doe. As Connor’s family and photographer Megan Rion were setting up for a beautiful natural backdrop photo shoot with baby Connor center stage, a pleasant surprise was about to unfold. As if the beauty of the natural background weren’t enough, a gentle doe named Maggie wandered into frame as the camera began capturing the awe-inspiring unexpected scene playing out before them. Someone was able to capture this moment in a short video clip.

Baby’s first photos are always adorable, but Connor’s has some extra added flare!

deer photo bomb
Imagine That Photography by Megan Rion

“The mom of Conner was in awe,” said Rion. “Awe at the deer, how she showed up so peacefully, awe at the way we posed her baby, and awe at the photographs we were able to take as they were a surprise for her husband.”

As you can see, the photos produced were remarkably breathtaking. Rion seems to think that Maggie was actually after the props of hay and corn used in the shoot. Regardless of Maggie’s motives, these photos are sure to be cherished for years to come.

Maggie has her own Facebook Album on Imagine That Photography’s Facebook page! Apparently Maggie’s favorite past time is photobombing children’s photo shoots, especially if they offer her a treat! This doe is definitely not camera shy, and seems rather photogenic to boot!

Maggie is a rescued doe that had been dropped off at the park when she was young. Not only is she becoming well known by locals, she’s making her way around the world through the stunning pictures she inspires!


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