Family Includes Late Son During Wedding Day Photo Shoot

family includes late son wedding

Celebrating any special day after the loss of a family member is tough. Anna Bozman Thompson knows oh too well how painful having a very special day without her entire family. Anna had lost her son Lake in May from the indiscriminate leukemia, he was just weeks shy of his 9th birthday. Taking family pictures from that point on would never be the same. A piece of the family was missing during her wedding day.

Flooded with emotions Anna wrote on Facebook after taking the incomplete family photos: “I could feel my emotions taking over after the ceremony when it was time to take pictures. I became anxious and almost irritated but I knew these pictures had to be taken”. Anna said it was “almost unbearable to take family pictures without him.”

A very special photographer made the loss and absence a little more bearable and found a way to include late Lake for years to come. At the family’s request, Photographer Brandy Angel added an image of Lake to the photo, for the family to cherish. Lake was present in the photos in his own special way, Angel said she felt like she was witnessing a miracle the day of the wedding. “After I started editing the photos … I was completely covered in chills. The light moved around them, it never changed shape, it never changed color,” Angel said.

family includes late son wedding
“The light brought Anna so much comfort,” Brandy Angel said. (Brandy Angel Photography)

Angel sent screenshots of the unedited photos to Anna. “I started crying and got the chills. I feel like our family was complete, even though he’s not physically here, the light comforted me,” Thompson said. “We are still a family of five even though there are only four of us here.”

“They turned out beautiful and thanks to my amazing photographer she was able to get some special edits done. I needed this picture more than she or anyone could ever know,” Thompson wrote.

Angel was able to help the Bozman family through photography, she captured some amazing wedding pictures and found a beautiful way to include Lake. Angel superimposed Lake into the family photo, while her camera captured beautiful light surrounding them.

All too often we feel the sting and emptiness associated with the loss of a loved one. From the moment we lose them and forward, life is never quite the same. There’s a space that is left in our lives that only that person can fill. We face big life events with hopes that they are with us, smiling upon us, sharing in our joys and sorrows, finding comfort in the fact that our lives were richer for having them for as long we were blessed with their earthly existence. If photos are proof, Lake was with his family on their special day.

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