Four Year Old Tattoos Father

You’ve seen the craze in the tattoo world, where parents use their body to showcase their child’s art masterpieces. What better way to memorialize a snapshot of your child’s art skills? Usually a parent presents a tattoo artist with their son or daughters “masterpiece” and has the drawing professional inscribed into their skin.

kid tatoos father

“Today was her first real tattoo! A little wobbly but she did great and it’s still cute… Keep in mind she just turned 4 end of August!” Notice Chloe’s concentration as well as gloved hands, while father Brad helps guide her.

A father in Largo has taken this one step further. Brad Bellomo is a professional tattoo artist in Largo, Florida, he also owns Third Eye Tattoo shop. It should come as no surprise that 30 year old Brad Bellomo’s daughter is following in her father’s footsteps. Chloe had frequented the shop on a couple of occasions and watched her father as well as other artists permanently ink customers.

kid tatoos father

The pictures above show Chloe wielding the tattoo machine and forever imprinting her father with her four-year-old rendition of a strawberry on his arm. Brad was the ever watchful and proud father as his daughter etched her art, where could he go, he was her canvas!

Pictures were snapped throughout the tattooing process which Brad posted to his Facebook, doting his daughter’s budding skills.

Que internet…

Some folks taken to the internet in masses not only applauding Brad and Chloe, but also keyboard lashing with claims of child abuse or endangerment.

What some folks fail to realize is this was a controlled environment, and Chloe wanted to participate. Brad guided her through the process in its entirety. Prior to laying ink laden needle to skin, Chloe had used other methods of drawing on her father, as most children do.

It turns out the strawberry has some significance to this father daughter duo. Chloe sings the nursery song ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’, she says ‘have you berry wu?’ instead of the lyric ‘have you any wool?’. Brad later added a Wu-Tang Clan “W” to the center of the strawberry. How cute is that?

Regardless of any controversy surrounding this tattoo, one thing is for certain… Brad is one proud papa! Not only is his daughter a budding artist, but she wishes, at least for the moment, to follow in her daddy’s footsteps.

kid tatoos father
Brad and daughter Chloe. Third Eye (tattoo shop) come to mind here?

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