Greenlight a Vet

green light a vet
Veteran’s Day, November 11th, is fast approaching! Greenlight a Vet has kicked off their campaign to bring awareness to Veterans that return home and some of the struggles they face. There is always a cost involved when protecting our liberties and freedom. Our Veterans know the price and were willing to risk life and limb and sacrifice time from their loved ones to ensure our freedom.

Greenlight a Vet is simple visible gesture showing gratitude and to signify that you support to our veterans. Because they matter!

When our Vets return home they become more camouflaged than ever, after removing their uniforms. They blend in as our neighbors, family and friends. By taking a single light bulb, whether on your porch or around your office and replacing it with a green bulb, you are showing our veterans that you support, appreciate and view them as valued members of our communities.

You can take a picture of your green light and post to twitter with hashtag #greenlightavet for all the world to see.

Walmart has partnered with Greenlight A Vet and you can find plenty of green light bulbs, in different assortments in their stores.

So take the pledge, make a simple inexpensive gesture and place a green light for our veterans to see!

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