Country Music Awards Rocked By Timberlake and Stapleton Duet

The unlikely pair wowed with performances of Tennessee Whiskey and Drink You Away during the 49th CMA Awards. The talent packed duet brought the crowd to their feet.

How exactly did Chris Stapleton manage to get Justin Timberlake to perform with him during the CMA Awards? Apparently it was rather easy, all he had to do was ask and Justin was on board.

“We had these nominations and thought we were gonna get, maybe, a slot to perform,” Chris Stapleton said. “So I called him up and, and asked him if he’d be interested in doing it and he was like, ‘Yeah man, I’m in. Just tell me when to show up.’ So here we are, we’re gonna do it!”

During Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey”, Justin showcased his ability to reach amazing notes during “Hiiiggghhhh”.

WOW! Did you hear that?!

Up and coming artist Chris Stapleton walked away with three awards, including the coveted “Male Vocalist of the Year”.

Drink all the alcohol you want, if you seen this stunning performance, it’s not one you’ll likely forget! Timberlake seems to be one of those rounded artists that can pull off just about anything, including country music! And this showcase leaves us wanting more of Chris Stapleton!

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