ASL Teacher’s Grooves While Teaching Class

American Sign Language teacher, Kyle Kiser, was caught on camera by his student Emily Norwood on November 3rd, while dancing and signing to the song “Shackles by Mary Mary”.

Emily wanted her post to go viral, but probably wasn’t expecting it to do so, so fast! She posted the video, and a week later had over 12 million views!



My sign language teacher taught us a song in sign language tonight. Love this class and the language. Such a fun and wonderful teacher. I hope he don’t kill me for posting this but let’s see if we can make this dancing sign language teacher viral!!

Posted by Emily Norwood on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Teacher Kyle Kiser is deaf/hard of hearing himself, and truly enjoys his job. He is happy to have such an impact on his students and in his community and has garnered much attention this past week.


“What is it like when a video goes Viral?” — Many folks have been asking me this question within the last few days, and…

Posted by Kyle Kiser on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Either way, keep up the great work Kyle, you are definitely making a lasting impression on your students and keeping them and the world engaged!

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