Rousey’s getting $10 million for her next fight and you won’t believe all she’s buying!



Ronda Rousey will make up to $10 million from her championship fight with Holly Holm on Saturday at UFC 193, but the victory gift she has planned for herself costs a tiny fraction of that amount.

Rousey said that the purchase she craves most is a decoration for the garden of her Santa Monica home.

“I don’t have a (big) yard, it is a small little thing,” Rousey said. “I kind of want to put vertical gardens on my walls because I don’t really have many plants except for I have ordered grass to come in so the dog can pee on it.

“I want to get some vertical gardens. I don’t think they are that expensive, though, but that’s what I want. I am a woman of simple tastes.”

For those unfamiliar with horticulture, vertical gardens are a method used to grow plants in small areas and are popular in urban areas.

However, even the most elaborate version is relatively inexpensive, with Home Depot’s most popular model currently selling for $186.84. Even if Rousey’s fight with Holm went the full length of five rounds, each lasting five minutes, it would take her less than 1/20 of a second to earn enough to buy the item in question.

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