Superman and Spider-Man are being replaced by….food??

The newest trend in Cosplay? Not Ninja Turtles. Not Buxom Supergal Heroes. Not headless Game of Thrones Characters. Would you believe……the five basic food groups?? San Diego Comic Con hosted a number of Comic Con Nom Nom costumes that were not only as cute (and literal) as apple pie….but downright delectable. Check out these frisky French fries, a bodacious breakfast, and a delectable donut. Who knew afternoon snacks could be so trend-alicious?  It goes to show, Geeks are ruled by not only mind and heart, but their stomachs as well.


food-cosplay-1 food-cosplay-2 Fast_Food_cosplay sushibaby 85365_55604%20-%20food%20Hamburger%20Inanimate


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