Want to find out if someone died (or worse) in your home? This app tells all.


Ever heard the expression, “If walls could talk?” Well, what if you could find out hidden secrets lurking within the walls of your own home? Would you want to know? Could you handle the truth? An app can reveal if your home was the location of a murder, suicide, natural death, or suspicious behavior.  A single search within the diedinhouse.com app costs $12. $55 for 10 searches.


Not only will you unearth victim’s names, you’ll know if your property ever experienced a fire, housed a meth lab, or was inhabited by someone famous (or infamous.)  Over 4.5 million homes can be found in their database. Whether you’re in the market to buy your next house, or are just curious to know whose ghosts might be floating around in your current abode, this handy app will put your mind at ease…..or not.


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