Woman Learns the Hard Way About All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes!


An argument over the meaning of all-you-can-eat has led to assault charges for a woman in suburban Chicago.

Police in Oak Lawn, Illinois, said 27-year-old Natasha West flipped out at a Denny’s restaurant after the waitress told her she couldn’t share her $4 all-you-can-eat flapjacks with the other people at the table, according to The Smoking Gun.



Police said West became “irate” and started swearing and swinging her fists at the server according to NBC Chicago.

None of the blows landed on the waitress, according to police, but West and her party allegedly then left the restaurant without paying, only to stop to kick a door several times while on her way out, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The restaurant manager called police, who tracked down West and her dinner crew in a car a short time later. They were taken back to the Denny’s where restaurant employees positively identified them.

One of West’s friends paid for the food. West was arrested and charged with assault and damage to property, WGN-TV reports.

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