Bet You’ve Never Seen a Dog that Looks Like This!


Where was this pup when KISS was all the rage?! Rowdy the dog is becoming an overnight sensation. His unusual appearance, due to a rare, harmless skin condition called Vitiligo, started a year ago when the pigment around his eyes began to turn white. Since then, his unique look has drawn much attention from his neighbors in Oregon, and his fame continues to skyrocket.  His owners Tim and Niki Umbenhower spend lots of time explaining to curious onlookers that “No, they really did not paint their dog to look like that.”


Rowdy’s sudden fame is only one of many strange turns this curious canine has faced in his 13 years. He has escaped death twice. Once due to a river water poisoning. Another time he was shot accidentally during a false alarm burglary. Life is NEVER a dull moment with this unpredictable pet. What’s next for Rowdy? We hope a celeb spot on Ellen!

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