Fishing, NOT for the Faint of Heart But it Sure is Funny

For some, fishing is just a relaxing sport, a food source, and an excuse to take a break from our daily lives.  Some families go fishing together and share in the joy of reeling in the unseen. Some kids love it!  They will bait and unhook their on fish, while others simply like casting and reeling and letting someone else deal with the ickiness.

Some feel a rush of adrenaline when they feel that nibble on the end of their line. Excitement rushes as they set the hook and reel in their prize (no matter the size).


But… Fishing… is just not for the faint of heart. Fishing, can be down right traumatic, brace yourself!

This girl takes fishing to a personal level. Her first time, some thing she’ll likely never forget!

Who knew fishing could be so dramatically traumatizing?

And that poor fish, that hook went through both eyes and he’s sinking.

They’ll never quite be the same!


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