The Most Adorable Christmas Pictures Ever!

Picture Perfect, Napping with Santa

As parents we have all been there. We’ve stood in lines for what feels like hours, so our little ones can take Christmas pictures with Santa. Some times those waits are just long enough for our babies to fall asleep before their turn. Then you run the risk of waking them to sit on some strange chubby man’s lap with the bushiest of white beards and the rosiest of cheeks. Those little ones look groggy-eyed or screaming for their parents.
My daughter was terrified of Santa, down-right refused to sit on his lap. She had a look of desperation on her face, while we tried our best to get her to smile but she screamed and wriggled to get away anyway. She didn’t care that he had candy, or that he was going to stop by on Christmas to give her exactly what she asked for. She wanted off his lap and as far away as possible. Needless to say, the best picture we have is of her looking back at Santa with tear soaked cheeks and her arms crossed after successfully getting several feet away. I’m sure she wasn’t the only child to ever be terrified of Good Ole Saint Nick!

If only we would have had the experience that little Zeke Walters had!

While waiting in line for his Christmas pictures with Santa, baby Zeke fell asleep! Good old Santa asked Zeke’s parents not to wake him, and took the opportunity to pose with little Zeke for the most precious Christmas pictures ever! Baby Zeke and Santa are snoozing together with “The Night Before Christmas” book on Santa’s lap in their absolutely adorable photos. So serene, so perfect, every parents dream! How lucky to have such a great experience and such a lovely Santa who managed to keep baby Zeke nestled and asleep for their photo shoot!

Thanks to Donnie’s Daddy Daycare posting them to Facebook for the world to enjoy, we are definitely in awe of this “picture perfect” moment!
They returned to tell Santa how their pictures are warming the hearts of millions this Christmas season, but baby Zeke was sleeping again, another great opportunity to snap another adorable picture together!

That’s one great Santa, and one extremely adorable photogenic sleeping baby! These two take great photos together! I hope they get the opportunity to take more great pictures next year!

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