Bet You Never Thought of this HACK

One less back breaking step with this treadmill hack!

Well it’s that time of year again. It’s getting rather cold and blustery outside. And nothing sounds better than turning on the furnace, or sitting beside a cozy fire, or firing up that sweltering wood stove.


Only there so much time and energy expended when you have to supply firewood. Someone has to trek into the woods, find the perfect trees, usually already down and seasoned. You find the tree, cut into “x” length pieces, trek them out of the woods and load them in a vehicle and take them home to unload. Oh and then there’s the splitting, halving or quartering those chunks of trees. Stacking the wood and then getting the wood to the heat source. It’s a very tiring and back breaking job!
Well these two have “invented” a hack to lessen the load and save your back. Have you tried carrying wood in from outside? You usually can only handle 4 pieces at best! Got a treadmill lying around? Give this firewood moving, back saving treadmill hack a try!

These two will show you how it’s done in no time! I know, I know, you bought your treadmill with the best of intentions, now it’s just lying around taking up space, collecting dust and random articles of clothing, so why not re-purpose it?

Let ’em fly! Just remember to take the window out first!
Of course treadmills weren’t designed for this, but they also weren’t designed to be a make shift closet!

Keep in mind this will likely void your warranty, I sure wouldn’t like to try to explain this to any claims department!

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