PooPourri – Avoid the Holiday Stink

Ever heard the expression “Don’t act like your poop doesn’t stink”? Well guess what, now you can say it’s true!
PooPourri is a crazy new all natural product that has over 12 million people saying that their doo doo smells like roses, or lemon, or many other scents.

Avoid the holiday stink. Say goodbye Mr. Grinch! You might still be a mean one but your poop will smell like rain drops made of lemons!

As a party host, you can pre-spray the toilet bowl so the next person to use your bathroom doesn’t clear out the holiday cheer.
As a guest, you can make sure that the next person to use the bathroom doesn’t have to smell your unpleasant reaction to being lactose intolerant and overdoing it on the cheese.

Here is the story of PooPourri from the creator:

I expect a lot out of the products I choose to bring into my home. Fed up with the lack of natural bathroom odor solutions, I decided to get off my hiney and do something about it! Combining my knowledge of essential oils and entrepreneurial passion, I formulated Poo~Pourri as the first natural, truly effective solution to a universal problem: poop happens, and it stinks! Poo~Pourri transforms your bathroom experience (and those who come in after you) by stopping bathroom odor before it begins…seriously!

And let’s be honest: everybody does it, it’s only natural! All around us, people are increasingly breaking free from conformity and convention, yet we still allow silly taboos like bathroom odor to hold us back. Poo~Pourri changes that. Poo~Pourri shows how one effortless shift in your routine and mindset can create a positive transformation. Poo~Pourri liberates you from toxic thoughts and ingredients, and inspires you to confidently own your throne! Besides, you’ve got more important crap to worry about!

It’s amazing what a little fresh thinking and a lot of hard work can do…
It’s time to take a shift!

Avoid the holiday stink: PooPourri – $9.95

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