#Giveitup, The Other Christmas Gift

I don’t know if you are aware of this but, KIDS ARE AMAZING!

You will be pleasantly surprised by the video below that UPtv has made. Children can say and do the most beautiful things!
When faced with the choice of picking their own Christmas wishes, or those of their parents… These children will astonish you. If you are a parent, you may want to grab some tissues and settle in to be in awe of these children!


It is always better to give than receive, because in turn you also receive something far more powerful and wonderful. Something money cannot buy. Something that will fill your heart and mind. It is uplifting, and almost spiritual. The best part is, these kids know this! They would rather give to their parents than take the presents for themselves. They would rather grant their parents wish. Bravo to these young and inspiring children! (And their parents)
What do you think your children would do? Better yet, what choice would you have made as a child?
You can find more amazing stories on their site UPtv.com or more amazing videos of these AWESOME kids and their choices at UPtv.com/giveitup.

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